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Folsom Prison Part II 17/10/2013
Back to Folsom in the belly of the beast they call lockdown. more>>>

Folsom Prison 11/10/2011
For the last two days I have been in Folsom Prison, giving a "House Concert" and sharing songs and stories with some of the inmates. more>>>

Tromsø 03/06/2011
At the edge of the world... almost. more>>>

Sandvika 30/05/2011
Monet v a shopping mall. more>>>

Bordeaux 03/05/2011
Bordeaux. In English. more>>>

Santo Varão 01/05/2011
Dancing to Susan Enan. more>>>

Porto 30/04/2011
Beginning in Portugal. more>>>

Mapleton 26/02/2011
Yesterday I drove for 1 1/2 hours up to Mapleton. more>>>

Brisbane (3) 25/02/2011
The floods and sailing. more>>>

Brisbane (2) 24/02/2011
I am not particulary an early bird. more>>>

Brisbane (1) 23/02/2011
Yesterday I left Coffs Harbour and drove 5-hours up the East Coast to Brisbane. more>>>

Coffs Harbour 20/02/2011
This morning I didn't think I was going to make it. more>>>

Melbourne (2) 17/02/2011
Tonights concert was at Caroline's house. more>>>

Melbourne (1) 16/02/2011
Tonight's concert in Shelley's house was the first of two in Mebourne. more>>>

Sydney 12/02/2011
11 months later and here we go! more>>>


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