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Melbourne (1)

Tonight's concert in Shelley's house was the first of two in Mebourne. Shelley was the first person from Australia to email all those months ago and I had finally made it to her house.

This was also the first drive in the country. It's always a bit nerve-wracking driving in a new place for the first time but I must admit, once I get in the car, I'm reminded that the open road is a huge part of why I love doing this.

The journey from Sydney to Melbourne is about 900km if you take the Hume highway. It's pretty much 100kmph all the way and I although I tried to arrive in the light, I was too distraced by a stunning red sunset which pulled me over about an hour from the destination. Eventually driving in the dark, getting lost because I had mispelt the destination in the GPS, and trying to avoid the trams, that shared the road with the cars, I finally made it into Mebourne.

Shelley lives in Calufield, a few kms away from St. Kilda's beach so we spent the afternoon there, walking along the sand with feet in the Tasman Sea, watching the huge thunder and lightening storm that was coming in from the Pacific Ocean. The views of Mebourne from this famous beach are amazing, even on a stormy day.

St Kilda's Beach


16 February 2011

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