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In January 2010, Susan Enan decided to take a short vacation to Nashville, TN. Hearing that 'house concerts' were becoming more popular she wrote a post up on Facebook asking if anyone would like her to give a concert in their home while she was in town.

After an overwhelming response from all over the US and further afield, and the success of the show in Nashville, she wondered if it would be possible to travel the world stopping off along the way to give concerts in people's houses, video blogging the journey.


With enough of her fans signing up for the experience she bought a video camera to film the journey and began plotting the routes determined by where the fans lived.

The first stops were in Europe and England in May 2010. in the summer, Susan drove 10,000 miles around North America with the camera gaffer taped to the dashboard of a car so she could film as she travelled. She gave concerts in 22 towns and cities along the way including at a Cathedral in Texas, on a porch in Kansas and on a rooftop overlooking Chicago, beginning the concert at dusk and ending with the moon high over the city skyline. She filmed her adventures; from travelling down the Mississippi, to milking her first cow at the Ohio State Fair; from driving through New York City along 42nd Street, to oyster fishing in the small English town of Whitstable.


The British tour in the Autumn of that same year was a 3,000 mile trip as far North as Rafford near Inverness, down to Mevagissey in Cornwall. She played 13 houses, 1 inn, and an air force base, after a squadron leader wanted to a concert there. She travelled through England, Scotland and Wales, down Lochness, through the Glencoe mountain range, along Hadrien's Wall and over the notorious Hardknott Pass in the Lake District, once again with the video camera taped to the car.

Next stop was Australia and New Zealand in February 2011, including performing a house concert for one of the communities in Christchurch, which was heavily affected by the recent earthquake that destryoed much of the city.

In April, May and June she returned to Europe starting in Porto, Portugal, travelling through France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Norway. The final show was 300kms inside the Arctic Circle in Tromso where she fished for cod in a fford and witnessed a rare midnight sun solar eclipse on a mountain overlooking where the house concert would be two nights later.

That summer, she was back to the UK and Ireland and in August 2011 Susan began the last leg traveling around North America again, with 34 shows around the country, including two house concerts in Folsom Prison. While inside Folsom Susan had the privilege of participating in song share; the weekly session where inmates share what they have wrriten whether it be songs, poems or prose. After 128 house shows in 18 different countries, spanning 84,000 miles, the world tour finished in Montclair, New Jersey on the 3rd December 2011.

Susan is continuing to play house concerts in the US while she records her second album, with hopes of another world tour upon it's release.

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