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Last March I received the first email from somebody in Australia who wanted to host a house concert in her living room in Melbourne. I remember replying that I would do my best to get there one day. And now, just 11 months later, here we are!

Things have been a bit crazy since arriving. Running around trying to find this and that always takes 5 times as long in a foreign place where you don't know where ANYTHING is. But there's still plenty of down time too. I've been staying with a friend in Manly, North Sydney, where you can catch the Manly ferry into downtown. We took the boat on Friday, passing the hoards of Friday night sailors. And then, round the bend, there they are: the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in all their glory.

Sydney Harbour

Tonight, here in Sydney, was the first of 13 house concerts in homes around Australia and New Zealand. Still jetlagged but raring to go!

Sydney live


12 February 2011

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